A+ (Elementary/Jr High)

7th-8th Grade Social Studies

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Best of Texas Contest's 7th-8th Grade Social Studies app provides comprehensive informative that you need to have to study for the 7th-8th Grade Social Studies contest.

The App contains hundreds of flash cards and questions covering facts about this year's topic: European Exploration and Colonization. 

Texas (approx. 60%)

  • European Exploration and Colonization
  • Cultures of American Indians in Texas Prior to Colonization
  • Important Explorers and Settlements
  • Events and Issues Related to Colonization
  • Coronado's Report to the King of Spain - October 1541
  • The Journey of Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca - 1542
  • Structure and Governance of Texas Public Education
  • Current Leaders in Texas State Government
  • Spanish Influence on Place Names and Vocabulary

The United States (25-30%)

  • Concepts in History - European Exploration and Colonization
  • Growth of Representative Government during the Colonial Period
  • Economic Differences among regions in the U.S.
  • Benefits of Free Enterprise
  • Influences of Key Historic Documents
  • Rights Guaranteed in the Bill of Rights

The World (10-15%)

  • Concepts in Government and Citizenship
  • Culture

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