A+ (Elementary/Jr High)

5th-6th Grade Social Studies

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Best of Texas Contest's 5th-6th Grade Social Studies app saves the teacher time by compiling the data needed to study for this year's topics on the Texas UIL 5th-6th Grade Social Studies contest.

The App contains hundreds of flash cards and questions covering facts about this year's topic: The Colonial Peiod and Eurepean Exploration. 

The United States (approx. 60%)

  • The Colonial Period - Nations and Groups
  • Major Settlements
  • Significant Colonial Leaders
  • Important Dates and Time Periods
  • Instructions for the Virginia Colony - 1606
  • The Mayflower Compact - 1620
  • Charter of Massachussetts Bay -1629
  • Concepts in Economics
  • Concepts in Government & Citizenship

The World (25-30%)

  • Concepts in Economics
  • Concepts in Government & Citizenship
  • Current National Leaders

Texas (10-15%)

  • Concepts in History- European Exploration and Settlement
  • Significant Explorers
  • Characteristics and Influences of Spanish Colonial Government
  • Origins and Significance of State Celebrations

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