High School



Excel in the Physics section of the Texas UIL High School Science contest with the Best of Texas Physics App. 

  • Hundreds of flash cards and questions.
  • Learn scientific facts, principles and processes related to the UIL topics.
  • Take unlimited quizzes.

This practice App correlates with the UIL Physics topics:

  • Astronomy
  • Measurement/Dimensional Analysis/Significant Figures/Order of Magnitude
  • Uniformly Accelerated Motion
  • Forces
  • Work/Energy/Power/Momentum
  • Circular and Rotational Motion/Equilibrium
  • Waves/Sound/Harmonic Motion
  • Fluid Statics and Dynamics/Thermodynamics
  • DC Circuits/Resistors/Capacitors
  • Electric Fields and Forces/Electric Potential/Gauss’ Law
  • Magnetic Fields and Forces/Magnetic Materials/Ampere’s Law
  • Faraday’s Law/Induction/EM Oscillation and Waves/AC Circuits
  • Geometric Optics/Wave Optics
  • Modern Physics/Quantum Physics
  • Nuclear Physics/Particle Physics

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