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Contest Entry now open for 2013-14!     


The contest consists of three rounds with two weeks to give the tests for each round.   The contest began January 20.  You may continue to enter at any time.  If you missed a round, you will still receive the test and access to viewing scores for that round.

            Round 1 – January 20 through February 8, scores due February 12

            Round 2 – February 10 through February 22, scores due February 26

            Round 3 – February 24 through March 8, scores due March 12


Watch for Android and IOS apps for smart phones and tablets!! to be released soon!


Practice materials for Texas UIL Academic contests available for the following subjects:

High School

Elementary and Junior High

   Computer Applications
   Computer Science
   Current Issues and Events
   Number Sense
   Social Studies
   Spelling and Vocabulary

Apps coming soon!
   Current Issues and Events
   Literary Criticism
   Social Studies
   Spelling Pronounced


Apps coming soon!
   Maps, Graphs, and Charts
   Social Studies 5-6
   Social Studies 7-8







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