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Contest Entry now open for 2014-15!     


The contest consists of three rounds with two weeks to give the tests for each round.   The contest will begin January 19.

            Round 1 – January 19 through January 30, scores due February 4

            Round 2 – February 2 through February 13, scores due February 18

            Round 3 – February 16 through February 27, scores due March 4


Practice materials for Texas UIL Academic contests available for the following subjects:

High School

Elementary and Junior High

   Computer Applications
   Computer Science
   Current Issues and Events
   Number Sense
   Social Studies
   Spelling and Vocabulary

   Current Issues and Events
   Literary Criticism
   Social Studies
   Spelling: Vocabulary
   Spelling: Proofreading
   Spelling: Pronounced Words


   Spelling 3-4
   Spelling 5-6
   Spelling 7-8
   Social Studies 5-6
   Social Studies 7-8







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